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The TechTime update system is a custom app that comes installed on all my devices. It will give you access to download all and newly added modded apps for movies, shows, sports, live tv, adult, tools, and much more!

Also has a message center giving you any new information or relevant information about apps or issues on a daily basis.

The app is fairy easy to use and navigate. Simply highlight the app you want to add or update and click OK on remote 2x to start the downloading process.

Having this system on your device means you can easily update to new versions of apps right from your home on your tv. You don't need to be too technically inclined to use this app. I do provide instructions with my new boxes.

TechTime is maintained by myself daily, ensuring all my customers the best apps and fastest access to them as soon as new ones come out and have been tested. Ad free, no pop-ups, tracking or malicious files. Everything I post is safe and worry free to use.

You will never be without useful apps as long as you're taking advantage of this awesome service!

Free lifetime access with purchase of any new box or previous customers who purchased before the app was made.


TechTime Update System

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