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Working on this page to provide more info regarding Google Playstore Protect settings and bypass.

Regular Android OS PlayProtect Disable PDF Link.

Regarding “Harmful APP Disabled” Message 


After you have box plugged in and connected to your home network for anywhere from 1h-24H you will notice several messages pop up on screen telling you that “harmful” apps have been disabled. 

This message is absolutely nothing to worry about as all my programs are modified with no tracking, ads or malware. However, Google Playstore still deems certain apps harmful, mainly because they are grey market apps and not available to download from Google Playstore. 


The apps affected are: UK Turks, OceanStreamz, Freeflix, MediaLounge, Strix, Redbox, Tvmob, Swift Streamz, Rapid Streamz and possibly some others. 


I setup your new box with most of these apps and they are a big part of your access to movies/shows, in particular the UK Turks, OceanStreamz and MediaLounge. So, when Google disables these apps automatically from your box, you will not see the app icon/shortcut anywhere. You can easily reinstall missing apps from your TechTime update app and they will reappear but do the following for permanent fix. 

To get the missing apps back, simply click on the Notifications tab in top right corner or your homepage. Notification's menu is a circle with a number inside. Then click on each app individually and choose “Keep App” option. This is a onetime adjustment for the above-mentioned apps and will not have to do again.  If you look on my Tech Division Facebook page, I have a post regarding this issue/fix dated Jan.8, 2022 which has pics if you are not sure where to click. 


Your Dashboard icon on homepage is where you will locate all apps installed on your box, including my private TechTime Update app. TechTime gives you access to 100s of extra modded programs/updates you can access anytime to add more content to your device! 

Get in the habit of using your Dashboard to locate apps and not homepage Apps menu, as homepage Apps menu will not show all grey market apps.  

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