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Newly released TechTime update system app is avail for all Android & Android TV OS devices. Gives you access to 100's of modded apps for Movies, Shows, Live TV, Sports, Kids, Adult, Tools ect.



TechTime comes installed on all of my new devices. Customers who have purchased boxes off me prior to TechTime release can request download link for free, or I can help install.

All apps/programs from TechTime are modded: no ads, trackers,malware or sign up!

If you have a device from me and don't have current TechTime update system. Will need to located the Google Chrome web browser on your box. You will request a current download url from me which you will type into the top line of Google chrome in order to download the new TechTime update system which has replaced Filelinked.

When you request a url link from me, it is time sensitive and will expire within the day.

Once TechTime is installed and open, the first time you use to download an app, you must "ALLOW" TechTime access to Storage when asked on screen. Otherwise you can manually allow access by going to your Settings menu on box, then the Security & Restrictions sub menu.


Google Chrome URL

Allow access to storage screen

If you are unable to navigate TechTime with your up/down cursors, that means your box uses older Android 7.1 OS and you will need to use an air mouse/keyboard remote to properly navigate system.

Simply highlight the app you want and press OK 2x on your remote to download/install.  If you get a Parsing error means one of two things. Either you didn't allow TechTime access to your storage when asked or, more likely you didn't delete old version of app before trying to install new version.

If you use any of the Mecool Android TV boxes, your TechTime update system will only be found by clicking on your Dashboard icon or Sideload Launcher icon and not in the homepage Apps menu.


If you have a device from me and need a current download link for TechTime you can request a link here. In order for me to send you must enter your old Filelinked Code and Pin which is written on business card box came with. Otherwise send me a pic of the device you are using or arrange to come by and Ill do for you.

TechTime URL Request Form

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