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I no longer offer lifetime free updates as I did the 1st years I started doing Android boxes, unless, of course, you own one of the models that this service applied to back then. (Yoka, BB2, TX8)


However, if you own a box from me, you are not going to pay full price for any update service I do. Please keep in mind that the average full update process takes me approx 40-60 min of my time to do, so I can not afford to do this for free as I have been for last 7 years. There are 75% more apps and system updates to do on the new boxes that I can not do while you wait. Muse be left with me.


That is why I have made the TechTime update app, which you all have istalled on your devices. This app gives you access and the ability to download new apps and updates right from your home for the life of the box! You will find the TechTime app in your Dashboard icon on Mecool/ATV model boxes or in your Apps folder on all other model boxes. Please at least give it a try! Look for my logo shown above as that is your TechTime app.


Can also request PDF, which has information on using box in general as well as TechTime update system.

If you have no luck, you're totally welcome to drop your box off for me to do. The process is that you must drop the box off along with your contact infor and leave it in the dropbox at the side door. I will contact you when ready to pick up. If you are a Tech Division customer and box is older than the year, I ask that you cover my time @ $10 for the update service.


No cables or remotes are needed, just box. Average 24h turnaround. Multiple boxes Will be longer.



Tech Division Customer Box Updates

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