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Following is a small example of some of the cloned , fake , otherwise not genuine Android boxes you will see online.

Anything that uses Rockchip or Allwinner is among the glitchiest, cheapest, and not certified devices you will find. Amazon, Ebay, Ali, Temu, etc. sell this junk. AMLOGIC IS BEST PROCESSOR FOR STREAMING, HANDS DOWN.

Prices are cheap for a reason. These boxes are made in the same Chinese factory that makes toys and other counterfeit goods.

Stay away, and you will thank me later. The specs they show are bogus. The oem remotes suck.

Any box that doesn't have a brand name but instead just a model number, like T95Z or Hbox, are cloned boxes. Not to mention, if you're looking at buying a box using regular Android operating system, you need to get some advice, as these boxes are already obsolete to the newer Android TV OS (ATV).

You will see a few models on my website using just model number, but these are made by Ottbox , use Amlogic, and have been selling the line for years.

Cloned/Fake Android Boxes SEE PICS

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