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If you have your own device or want to use something you've ordered online and want my setup, we can do that.

Will get full setup with all modded apps, Kodi, SmartTube, etc. Any subscription services you need installed as well as TechTime update system installed on that device.

The cost is $30 , and we will need device for 24 hours. Will provide drop-off information once you have purchased or inquired about this option.

I do a full hour setup and optimizing of your machine. I am pretty confident that my setups are 2nd to none, and you will not be disappointed.

Please keep in mind that I can not do my full setup on 8Gb storage devices. Minimal 16Gb but 32Gb is recommended. And of course, the device has to be 2G Ram or higher. 4G Ram recommended.

Ideally, the specs should say 4G/32Gb or 4G/64Gb.

Will never use more than 32 or 64Gb storage unless you're planning on downloading content, which isn't necessary or easy option these days. Everything you will watch will be streamed.

Bring Your Own Box!

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