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Systerm Support 
1. Android OS 
2. Mac OS 
3. Linux 
4. Windows 

IR learning function 
There are 5 buttons which could be programmed to your TV remote keys: 
1. Power button -Locate the top left corner 
2. 4colors buttons-Locate the bottom 
Note: Please check if your TV remote supports the NEC protocol for learning. 

IR learning operation as the following steps 
1. Pointing IR emitters of the TV remote and the air mouse to each other , 
2. Press and hold hte TV key on the remote 4-5s until the LED flash slowly, 
3. When you see the LED flashing slowly ,press the key on your TV remote to learn, 
4. When the remote receiver the IR signal,the LED will be solid. 
5. The 5 keys could learn following the step 1-4, 
6. Press the TV button to finish the learning process. 

1) Transmission and control: 2.4 G RF wireless radio-frequency technique; 
2) Sensor: 3-Gyro + 3-Gsensor; 
3) The key number:81 keys; 
4) Control distance: >5m; 
5) Battery Type: AAA*2  (Not included)  
6) Working Power: Less than 10mA in the work condition; 
7) Standby Power: Microampere, almost no power, in line with the 
European "Energy star" environmental standard; 
8) Material: Plastic and silicone; 
9) Size: 172*52*19mm; 
10) Weight: About 100g. 

Package including 
1 * MX3 Air Mouse
1 * USB Wireless Receiver 
1 * User Manual

MX3L WIFI / Bluetooth Air Mouse & Keyboard

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